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  1. Skills: It’s a comprehensive conversation flow to accomplish a particular task. For example, the bot will ask about the location and date to respond to the user’s question about wether.

  2. Small talk: These pieces of small talk are spoken by the bot in response to certain events or phrases from the user. For example, a welcome message when the bot is initialized, prompting the user to rephrase the sentence when bot couldn’t understand it, etc..,

  3. FAQ: In the FAQs you can configure a list of frequently asked questions, with the matching answers, that you want to include in your chatbot. The chatbot will resort to the FAQs when the utterance of the user is not understood correctly, trying to find relevant content to help the user.

  4. Test and deploy can be done in the home page or in the bot editing page. Test creates a chat window where you can speak to your bot and assess it. Successful deployment brings a code snippet which is used to embed the chatbot into your website.