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Closer: Gavagai's Conversational Platform

Gavagai’s chatbot called Closer is an interactive tool to simulate conversation with human users. It allows a form of interaction between a human and a machine which happens via chat messages. It is programmed to work independently from a human operator, but the conversation control can be passed to the human operator when the bot does not understand the user input.

If you would like a quick start video, please click our 5 minute video on how to get a chatbot up and running:



A chatbot is the container of functionalities, we call them either Skills, FAQ's, or Small Talk, which are in turn built up of either Actions, Conversation Snippets, or Variables that you want to provide to your users via chat. These functionalities can be, for example, providing static information, collecting and providing information dynamically depending on the user data or interacting with external systems to pull or push data.

In order for the chatbot to function correctly and do something useful, you have to configure some features. Once you have defined your custom mix of features you will be able to train the chatbot, use the configuration to refine the A.I models that it employs, and finally test it. When you are satisfied with the result, you can deploy it on your website by copy pasting a code snippet to your website and the chatbot will be ready to talk to your customers. A custom color theme for the chat window can be implemented on request.

This is the documentation for Gavagai's Closer tool, a conversation platform. This documentation illustrates the main features of the Gavagai chatbot that guides you through using these features effectively.