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For now the only feature listed under the toolbox is ‘Test suite’ which helps you to test your bot systematically.

Test Suite

Here is the systematic way to test the bot that it responds with the expected skill when the corresponding intent is triggered. Create test cases to validate all your skill intent. There are two segments in this test suite. The first one is to create test cases and the next one is to capture the test run history for future reference.

Test cases

Create a new test by adding a skill trigger as a test input and select the expected skill from the test target’s dropdown. Tests will be run automatically after adding them and the result will be updated in the ‘Status’ column.

Below are the actions that can be performed on the created tests.

Edit : Test input and test target can be updated after adding the tests. Remove : Testcase can be removed from the test suite by using ‘remove’ option. Run : You can run the specific test case by using this option.

Test run history

Click on ‘Run all tests’ to run the entire test suite and this will create a history entry in the ‘Test run history’ section. Also the overall bot's accuracy will be updated based on the latest run results.

If the test cases or the skill which is added as the ‘test target’ in any of the test cases is deleted then the test case will be removed from the test run history. However, the deleted test cases will be accountable for the bot’s accuracy calculation for the existing history entries and there will be a notification displayed about the deletion.